COVID-19 Notice


COVID-19 Notice

COVID-19 is a near unprecedented epidemic when it comes to the legal world and foreclosures and evictions.

While there have been mini moratoriums and stopping of foreclosures and evictions in many places, it is not uniform in all counties. Additionally, the case itself is not stopped, only the ability to get a judgment or a foreclosure sale proceeding or an eviction writ of possession to be followed up on by law enforcement. You need to check your local area to see what the Court’s and Sheriff’s office have implemented in those regards to match your situation if you are in one.

What is further important, as was the case with similar situations after Hurricane Irma, the creditors after this passes and dies down will start to come in full force and effect to recover the monies and past due amounts so that they can turn profitable and pay back anything they owe the government as a bail out to and to appease its investors.

It is critical to be ready for post COVID-19 financial repercussions and the hiring an attorney is critical in stopping the bank or your landlord from proceeding faster by knowing the rules. An attorney will guide you through the many paths you can take to obtain the best result possible for you.

What will happen post COVID-19 with your finances?

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