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Consumer Law Attorneys: A Firm Dedicated to Homeowner & Debtor Rights

At Consumer Law Attorneys, we have devoted our legal practice to a commitment to aggressive, relentless advocacy for consumers against unfair lending and debt collection practices. We have focused our professional careers to helping our clients get the upper hand against the big banks and collection companies. We take extreme pride in the results we achieve for our clients.

Experienced, Statewide Network

Our main office is located in Clearwater, Florida, however we have a statewide network of attorneys dedicated to helping consumers with:

3 pillars which consumer law attorneys has always stood upon:

  1. Commitment to Excellence
  2. Passion for Justice
  3. Fair & Affordable Pricing

3 pillars consumer law attorneys has always stood upon

FREE Consultation

Call 877-241-2200 for a FREE consultation. Ask to speak with one of our Attorneys who will walk through your situation with you, provide an honest assessment and possible ways to remedy it. An experienced legal team is one of the best options to help you negotiate your debt problems and bring you piece of mind.

About Us

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