Recent Notable Settlements



TCPA  Case against a major Mortgage Lender for $225,000 for unwanted debt collection calls using an Auto Dialer. 
TCPA  $22,500 against a national debt collection company for unwanted calls using a “Robo Dialer”. 
TCPA  $45,000 against a mortgage lender for debt collection automated calls using an auto dialer. 
TCPA  $41,775 against a debt collection company for unwanted automated calls using an auto dialer. 
Personal Injury  $110,000 for a hit and run auto accident on I-4. 
Personal Injury  $170,000 for a pedestrian hit by a car. 
Personal Injury  $125,000 for an illegal turn causing an auto accident. 
Personal Injury  $100,000 for a failing to yield auto accident. 
FCRA  Improper foreclosure and improper credit reporting. Client was able to keep their home and was awarded $81,000
Foreclosure Defense  Improper foreclosure. We Successfully defended the foreclosure, saved the clients home, and won an award of $56,000

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