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How Does Filing Bankruptcy Help Solve Credit and Financial Problems? Filing bankruptcy is a powerful tool for solving many credit problems such as creditor lawsuits, […]

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Cell Phone Harassment

Phone calls from unwanted companies can be a real pain; however some of them may provide you with grounds for legal action, especially if they […]

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Collection Defense

People all over the U.S. have found themselves overwhelmed with daily phone calls from debt collectors or collection agencies. Have you received multiple phone calls […]

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Eviction Defense

Landlords sometimes try to kick tenants out of the homes they are renting.  If the tenant doesn’t move out voluntarily, the landlord must take the […]

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HOA Defense

As a property owner, you understand the vital role that a Homeowners’ Association plays in the upkeep and maintenance of the neighborhood, but there are […]

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Foreclosure Defense

Foreclosure doesn’t have to be an inevitable conclusion for the overwhelming majority of home owners. If you’re asking “What can I do?”, know that homeowners […]

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